Today, most of us are within 1 degree of separation from someone fighting an autoimmune disease… cancer, diabetes, etc.  I was born at a time with 6 degrees of separation.   Raised on good food.  Real food, right?  Lucky Charms for breakfast, $2 from mom for school lunch, meat, and pasta for dinner.  Mom’s Italian, Dad was hungry.  The Rules: (1) we sit down as a family, (2) clean your plate. So far this could be pretty much anyone.   I wasn’t the athletic or studious type, I was the quiet, wide-eyed, ‘yeah but how can we make that better?’ kind of girl.

Fast forward 16 years through corporate America’s 14-hour workdays… when BOOM!  Cancer. Two types.  Prescribed with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, queue the research.  After a few medical opinions, I also googled myself to exhaustion.  I learned that the business of medicine is just that, a business.  I knew I needed to take a little more control and listen to my body… what it wanted, and what it didn’t want. For the record, I was born in Singapore and when I was delivering my first child, I made the choice to do it the way the amazing Southeast Asian women did – squatting.  I recruited gravity to participate in this undertaking.  Less than three hours later and no meds, I was holding my first child.  My point is that I haven’t always been a big believer in traditional medicine being the ONLY way.  But I digress.  With a nutrition plan that eliminated refined sugar, gluten, dairy, animal products and coffee, I said, ‘coffee… et tu brute?’.  I embraced a plant-based, alkaline diet for my fight, but I needed to find a way to keep coffee in my morning.  So, I got my butt in the kitchen and created ‘Dirt Spice’.  Ninety Days Later a blood panel confirmed my white cell count had dropped ~900 points and I was back in the healthy range.  At that point, I did what any other 5-foot-5 Nordic-Italian warrior mother of two would do.  Gave my doc a hi-five and peace’d out. 
The village was small, but effective. 

Anthony had a front row seat to my journey during his high school years and learned firsthand the power of nutrition.  After studying at MIZZOU and spending five years in fitness sales & service, he joined the DirtFood squad as VP Customer Experience with a passion for self advocacy in wellness.

Our village is growing.

2020: DirtFood is a NUTRACEUTICAL and our Alkalizing Dirt Spice is VEGAN CERTIFIED, and WOMEN-OWNED BUSINESS CERTIFIED. In addition to our online storefront, DirtFood can be found throughout the western US in wellness centers, café’s and coffee shops, 5-star resorts, Amazon.com and grocery stores.