Today, most of us are within 1 degree of separation from someone fighting cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. I was born at a time with 6 degrees of separation. I was raised on good food. Real food, right? Lucky Charms or a Pop Tart for breakfast, $2 from mom for lunch in the school cafeteria, meat and pasta for dinner and the occasional dessert. Mom’s Italian, Dad was hungry. The Rules: (1) we sit down as a family, (2) clean your plate. So far this could be pretty much anyone. I wasn’t the athletic or studious type, I was the quiet, wide-eyed, internally thought-provoked, ‘yeah but how can we make that better?’ kind of girl.

1991: After graduating high school, my best friend and I said we would open a café together serving good-for-you food. We came up with the name ‘Dirt Food’ and committed to not serving crap. People thought we were funny. So, we laughed.

2012: Fast forward 16 years through corporate America’s, soul-draining, 14-hour workdays, “I missed WHAT event at the kids’ school again?” … when BOOM! Cancer. Two types. Prescribed with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, queue the research. After multiple medical opinions, I decided to listen to the one doc that I trusted. I also googled, Amazon’d, and public library’d myself to exhaustion. I learned that the business of medicine is just that, a business. A Big. Effin. Business. Their advice btw, while undergoing treatment… “eat whatever you want, and rest as much as possible.” Interesting, I thought, but what about fighting this with nutrition and maybe not laying around all day? For the record, I was born in Singapore and when I was delivering my first child, I made the choice to do it the way the amazing South East Asian women did – squatting. There was no laying on my back, I recruited gravity to participate in this undertaking. Three hours later and no meds, I was holding my first child. My point is that I haven’t always been a big believer in traditional medicine. But I digress. The shorties and Crazypants were instrumental. Crazypants is my mom (you’d understand if you’re lucky enough to ever meet her), she read the entire internet, made all the healing recipes, and spoon fed them to me. Such a mom. The shorties are my kids. They’re so much smarter and braver and funnier and stronger and wittier and kinder than me. Courtney pressed the giant pause button on her life to leave college and come home to help. Anthony was a junior in high school juggling football, homework and prescription pickups for yours truly. With a fitness plan that had me working out hard every day up until chemo day, and a nutritionist plan that eliminated sugar, gluten, dairy and animal protein from my diet. I said, no problem. Then they said to eliminate coffee too. I said no. But thank you. Crazypants and Courtney enforced the nutrition regimen with increased alkaline foods, organic superfoods, fresh greens, juicing, and we all went sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free; or affectionally referred to by Anthony as “fun-free”. In an effort to keep that coffee in my life, I created Dirt Spice in order in order to alkalinize my coffee and give us all a boost of anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. Ninety Days Later a blood panel confirmed my white cell count had dropped ~900 points and I was effectively right back in the healthy range. At that point, I did what any other 5-foot-5 Nordic-Italian death warrior would do. Gave my doc a hi-five and peace’d out. My village was small, but effective.

2018: Remember that girl in high school that was all… ‘yeah but how can we make that better?’ I decided to start adding Dirt Spice to some other homegrown staples, (enter Granola). Man, if I had a nickel for every time someone said, ‘hey you should sell this stuff’. I would have a ridiculous amount of nickels. I finally decided to spend my nickels and build a DirtFood village.

2019: Anthony joined the team as a co-founder with his very particular set of customer experience skills. We love sharing our story and our healing foods. The village is expanding and we’re always looking for salt of the earth, dirt in your cup kind of people.

2020: DirtFood is a NUTRACEUTICAL and our Dirt Spice is PATENT PENDING in the US. VEGAN CERTIFIED, and WOMEN-OWNED BUSINESS CERTIFIED. In addition to our online storefront, DirtFood can be found throughout the western US in wellness centers, café’s and coffee shops, 5-star resorts and grocery stores.