Dirt Spice

Dirt Spice



Dirt Food Superfood Dirt Spice Is A Proprietary Blend Of Organic, Disease-fighting Herbs, Spices and Superfoods To Help Reach And Maintain Optimum Health and Performance. Packed With Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory And pH Balanced Compounds, Dirt Spice Was Created For The Purpose Of Enjoying A Cup Of Coffee While Fighting Illness, Naturally Boosting Metabolism And Balancing Your Digestive Health. Dirt Spice Naturally Converts Your Acidic Coffee Into An Alkaline Delight. Don’t Trust Us, Just Try It. Oh Yeah… ZERO FILLERS.


Mix 1 Teaspoon Into Beverage of Your Choice For Superfood Benefits. Sprinkle On Yogurt, Oatmeal, Cereal or Toast For Added Benefits. OUR FAVORITE: Blend 1 Teaspoon Into Black Coffee, Tea or Espresso. Add Your Favorite Non-Dairy Milk/Creamer if Desired.

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