We. Love. Dirt.


Our History

DirtFood™ was founded in 2019 by Nikka Blunt, a female corporate servant turned entrepreneur who used nutrition to defeat two types of cancer. Living by the ‘if you want to know it, go learn it’ philosophy, she dug in and learned that real food grown from the dirt can nourish our bodies and our planet to peak performance and efficiency. The company is owned and operated by Nikka and her son Anthony. Our grass-roots approach to nutrition through a culmination of research, real food, and sustainable materials inspires our continued charge to feed the earth to feed the people.


The Future Of Dirt

Feed the people, to feed the earth, to feed the people

By partnering with small organic farmers and ecological packaging, we offer delicious, healing snacks and additives to everyday staples.

We daydream of being the most disease warrior-centric company.

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We are fanatical about them.

If you’re interested in joining our dirty squad, click HERE to connect with DirtFood’s HR team.